The Latest Beads Embroidered Fabric from China Naying Textile

Bead embroidery can be divided into two types: manual beading and computerized beading.


Most of Naying’s bead embroidered fabrics are produced by computer bead embroidery machine. The machine is simple and compact in structure, flexible in adjustment and efficient in production. Beads with special shapes can be selected for manual bead fixing, and at the same time, the precise position of the beads can be ensured, but the output is low, and there are advantages and disadvantages compared with computer bead embroidery.


Bead embroidery is a special embroidery process that uses the beading technique to fix beads on the fabric. The beads are attached to the fabric in a similar way to sequins, but require special beading equipment to spit the beads to ensure that the embroidery thread can accurately pass through the holes in the beads. Pin the beads to the fabric according to the computerized embroidery pattern.


At present, the main types of beads for computer bead embroidery are lulu beads ( also called bubble beads ), tube beads and rice beads.


In order to achieve the best flickering effect of bead embroidery, all kinds of beads are required to be of high quality. The surface of the beads is smooth, round and opaque. Under the illumination of light, they have a dazzling effect. The embroidery thread that plays a fixed role is generally not the main role, but the embroidery thread is required to be strong and durable to prevent the beads from falling off in a large area due to broken threads. Fish silk thread is usually used to string beads. The ground fabric is usually lace or sheer mesh.


The decorative images of bead embroidery fabric are all composed of beads as points, that is, based on points, connected with points to form lines, and laid with lines to form a surface; using different density, different bead shapes, different sizes and different colors form different levels and produce different decorative effects.


Bead embroidery fabrics are rich in patterns and versatile. It can be used in fashion, stage wear, women’s dresses, clothing decoration accessories, cushions, home textiles, shoes and hats accessories, luggage and so on.