Best Eyelet Embroidered Fabrics from Manufacturing Supplier in China

According to the process, currently punching embroidery can be divided into traditional eyelet embroidery and laser carving hole embroidery.


Traditional Eyelet Embroidery


Eyelet embroidery, also known as punching embroidery or hollow embroidery, is to replace the first needle of each head of the flat embroidery machine with a special carving needle, and use the flat needle to make the carving stitch, and use it at the position where the hole needs to be punched. There are 3-5 stitches in a single stitch, and the needle step length is usually set to 0.5mm. After punching holes in the embroidery fabric, use a blatt stitch to carry out hemming embroidery, and enlarge the holes. This is a certain type of plate making and equipment. Difficult, but very unique embroidery method.


In the process of punching, there will be problems such as inconsistent hole size, small hole pulling, and inaccurate punching position. Therefore, accurate pattern punching and skilled operation of the embroidery machine are required to ensure product quality.


Its main feature is in the process of embroidery, according to the design of the pattern carved holes, and on the edge of the holes in different ways to embroider a variety of pattern combination, so that the embroidery surface not only has the free and easy solid pattern, but also has the exquisite and beautiful hollow pattern. This contrast between virtual and real is very interesting, making the embroidered fabric appear elegant, delicate and unique.


Most of the flat embroidery machines are used for hole-carving embroidery, and the effect is good. The punching is regular, smooth and clean, and there is no residual yarn in the hole.


Carving hole embroidery is like making a flat stitch, but in the place where you want to carve a hole, you need to make more stitches according to the thickness of the fabric, and pierce the fabric and make a hole. If the embroidery machine uses a punching needle, the plate making is the same as the embroidery needle, that is, first draw a small circle with one color, and then make a large circle with another color. When embroidering, first use the first color to embroider with a hole-carving needle, which will rot the cloth, and then use the usual embroidery needle to embroider the large circle, so that the hole will be embroidered.


Laser Engraving Embroidery


The working principle of laser embroidery is that the high-intensity laser emitted by the laser is controlled by the advanced galvanometer to control its movement trajectory, and the patterns are directly carved and punched on various fabrics. Create stylish, trend-setting results. It is substantially different from the effect embroidered by an embroidery machine.


Compared with laser cutting and blade mold cutting, laser cutting and carving hole fabric appearance exquisite, no curling of incisions. Patterns can be output according to design needs. Single head laser cutting machine can not completely meet the large-scale production requirements, multi head efficient laser cutting machine can not only cut and engrave small batch embroidery patterns, but also complete large surface cutting processing, meanwhile it has the advanteges of stronger applicability and higher efficiency. You also can get richer pattern texture.


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