What is Cord Embroidered Fabric

With the improvement of living standards and the upgrading of consumption concepts, people’s requirements for embroidered fabrics are getting higher and higher, and cording embroidered fabric with stronger three-dimensional sense and more obvious embroidery outlines has gradually entered people’s field of vision.


Cording embroidery, cord embroidery or rope embroidery, is an important computerized machine embroidery method. The cording embroidery device is used to wrap the cord in the form of flat needles and embroider directly on the fabric. It belongs to a special embroidery process, and the computerized cording embroidery machine performs cord embroidery operations on the fabric.


Cording embroidery evolved from tape embroidery, which got rid of the shortcomings of traditional tape embroidery, such as low yield and easy damage to equipment. The quality of cord embroidered fabric is easier to control. The cord embroidery machine can arbitrarily adjust the speed and tension of thread feeding according to the needs of the embroidery to improve the quality of the embroidery.


The cord embroidered fabric of this process has a strong three-dimensional effect, and cords of different materials can be used to sew decorative cord traces with various effects.


The lines of cord embroidery fabrics are more clear and prominent, yet soft, which increases the fullness and thickness of the embroidery pattern. Favored by designers, it is commonly used in clothing embroidery, luggage embroidery, household goods embroidery, etc.


Thick Knot Cording Embroidery


This is a creative special kind of cording embroidery. Break through the limitations of previous technology, different from ordinary cord embroidery, it can be used for embroidery with a cord of different thickness. In knitted fabric it can make imitation hand feel of embroidery special sense. A special guide nozzle is required on the embroidery machine.


Multicolor Cording Embroidery


With the lockstitch embroidery machine, a variety of special embroidery effects can be realized, and creative embroidered fabrics with colorful and rich hand-feeling can be produced.


Multi-color cording embroidery combines the three-dimensional effect of three-dimensional embroidery, the softness and comfort of towel embroidery, and the visual touch of chain and tape embroidery. Can be widely used in all kinds of fashion items.


Whether it is used on handbags or throw pillows, it has very ideal decorative and practical effects.


You can also overlap and embroider the thread to complete the exquisite and unique 3D three-dimensional embroidery.


Contrast Color Cord Embroidery


Different colors of polyester threads, sequins, and strands are used to create creative embroidered fabrics that are colorful and rich in texture.


Contrasting color cord embroidery, combining different types of materials, makes the expression of embroidered fabrics richer. With the contrasting color design, the color contrast of the floral pattern of the fabric is more obvious and the visual impact is stronger. It is a unique design method.


Combined Cord Embroidery


Combined cord embroidery refers to the combination of multiple ropes of different types, through cord embroidery technology, to form an embroidery pattern with strong three-dimensional sense and obvious outline.

String different types of embroidery cords in sequence on the cord embroidery device of the embroidery machine, and then use the computer embroidery software to make the embroidery cords into desired patterns in turn.

Compared with the common 3 in 1 and 2 in 1 cord embroidered fabric, the contrast between the patterns of the cord embroidery is more obvious and the visual impact is stronger.