What is Metallic Fabric or Lurex Fabric

Fabrics embedded with metallic yarns are called metallic fabric or lurex fabric, a more ornamental clothing fabric. The metallic fabric or lurex fabric is shiny luxury and fashionable. In the past, metallic yarn ( also called metallic fiber ) refers to a kind of special yarn made of gold, silver or gold-plated or silver-plated. The base cloth of metallic fabric can be chosen at will. Cotton fabric, linen fabric, silk fabric or even chemical fiber fabric can be used to make metallic fabric.


With the development of technology, polyester metallic yarns can be produced, which has the metallic texture of gold and silver, but the cost is so low that ordinary people could afford to consume them. It is made of polyester film vacuum aluminization, the appearance is coated with colorless or colored transparent paint, or the vacuum aluminized polyester film and non-aluminized polyester film lamination, and then cut into flat thread. With different colors of paint, can be made of two-color gold and silver yarn or colorful gold and silver yarn. Through special technology it can also be made into rainbow yarn, fluorescent yarn and so on.


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There are a lot of types of metallic yarns, and different kinds of metallic yarns have different features and applications. metallic yarns made of polyester film processing has gorgeous color and brightness. This kind of metallic yarns has high strength and toughness, and can be used for embroidered fabric, knitted fabric, lace and other fabrics.


This special metallic fiber/yarn has a high requirement for quality. In order to produce high quality metallic fabric. metallic yarn must be fine and symmetrical, bright and strong. In order to achieve rich color, metallic yarn needs to have a high color fastness. In order to highlight the beautiful appearance of metallic fabric, metallic yarn needs to be free of knife marks, acid and alkali resistance, soap resistance, and friction resistance.


Although now most of the metallic yarn is not real gold and silver, but this fabric decorative art has always been in the fashion trend which has an irreversible position. Metallic yarns can make fabrics sparkle and have a rich and luxurious style. Therefore, in the field of couture evening wear and wedding dress, it is always desired and demanded.



Types and Uses of Metallic Yarns


  • Polyester metallic yarn: A single layer of polyester film, after being vacuumized by aluminium, coated with a resin protective film, used for dyeing fabrics.
  • Composite metallic yarn: A layer of aluminum foil between two layers of polyester film, usually used for fabrics to be dyed.
  • Round metallic yarn: Used in theatrical costumes and fashions.
  • Rainbow metallic yarn: Suitable for colored fabrics, especially decorative fabrics.


Washing Method of Metallic Fabric


This fabric should not be soaked in water for a long time, so we should try to shorten the washing time of the fabric. If the water temperature is too high it will affect the strength of the metallic yarns, so it is appropriate to wash with cold water. The fabric itself is not resistant to acid and alkali, so we should choose neutral washing liquid, pay attention to these problems, the rest of the normal washing as ordinary clothes.