What is Laser Cutting Embroidered Fabric

The Production Process of Laser Cutting for Embroidery Fabric


Laser cutting embroidery machine is a new type of computer controlled embroidery machine. When the electricity is turned on, the high voltage generated by the machine is loaded into the laser tube, which contains carbon dioxide gas and produces laser light under the high pressure. The laser is focused through the lens assembly to form a highly penetrating beam. The laser beam is thin, fast moving and can cut objects continuously. The combination of this cutting speed and embroidery machine stitch can cut a variety of complex patterns conveniently.


The laser cutting embroidery process integrates two separate processes of computer embroidery and laser cutting. The embroidery work is exquisite and the cutting is fine, which greatly improves the processing efficiency and quality, greatly enriches the process form and effect, and saves costs and fabrics. Embroidery, trimming, perforating, appliqué embroidery, embroidery, layered cutting and embroidery can be performed on fabrics of various compositions, which not only greatly improves the added value of embroidered fabrics, but also greatly enhances the beauty of embroidered fabrics. , ushered in a new era of embroidery craftsmanship. It provides a new solution for technological innovation in the industries of clothing, toys, home textiles, and fabric decoration.


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The Advantages of Embroidery Fabric Produced by Laser Cutting Process


Carbon dioxide laser cutting processing is also thermal processing. Due to the strong focusing of laser, the light beam is slim, the thermal diffusion zone is narrow, it is the perfect tool for textile fabric cutting. Once the technology developed successfully, it replaces many traditional fabric cutting methods. Specific performance are as follows:


  • A wide range of fabrics suitable for processing.
  • Smooth fabric incision, no flying edge.
  • Automatic closure.
  • Fabric edge without deformation.
  • Fabric graphics can be conveniently designed and output by computer.
  • No physical blade die mold required.
  • Laser cut embroidered fabric is no black edge, no yellow edge, no sawtooth.


Common Types of Laser Cut Embroidery


Including appliqué embroidery, eyelet embroidery, cutting edge embroidery, hollow embroidery, etc.


There are two important steps in computer appliqué embroidery, that is, fabric cutting before appliqué embroidery and cutting the blanking material after embroidery.


In the traditional cutting process, before embroidery, the mold blade cutting processing is used. This method has obvious defects, the fabric is easy to produce the fringes, and the machining accuracy is limited by the cutter die. In addition, special-shaped graphics processing is difficult. At the same time, the production cycle of blade die is long and the cost is high, which greatly restricts the development of embroidery industry. After embroidery cutting, most of them use a simple way of hot processing, which has the shortcomings of cutting edge gap, yellow edge and hard, it is difficult to match. Special-shaped embroidery graphics rely on artificial cutting operation, it is easy to loose edge, produce waste products, reduce the rate of finished products.


Laser appliqué stitching is smooth and the appliqué cutting edge is symmetrical, which saves the process of cutting and clipping cloth, and saves the boss the expensive cost of gluing.