What is Embroidery Lace Fbric

On the basis of lace fabric, that kind of embroidery processing fabric is called embroidery lace fabric. Now, more and more people mix embroidery and lace together. The light and soft mesh hollow fabrics are all called embroidery lace fabric.


Lace is a kind of hollowed out fabric woven with silk thread or yarn according to a certain pattern. The main process is to use computer – controlled lace machine for weaving. And embroidered fabric is on the base cloth through the embroidery machine, embroidered patterns or geometric figures.


Embroidery lace fabric features: light, transparent, flexible, smooth, mysterious, sexy, beautiful, holy, romantic, charming. Embroidered lace fabric sexy with romantic style. It becomes an indispensable part of the summer scenery.


In the past, embroidered lace fabrics are usually used as accessories in clothing, with a refined sense of luxury and embody the characteristics of romantic atmosphere, now as the main material frequency has gradually increased. Has become a major fashion element. Generally used in small train or straight style evening dress and wedding dress, over other fabrics, can reflect a woman’s exquisite figure. If it is embroidered lace fabric as accessories, it can be used in any style.


Water Soluble Embroidered Imitation Lace Fabric


Water-soluble embroidery imitation lace fabric is accurate embroidery fabric, it uses water-soluble nonwoven bottom cloth, through the computer embroidery machine embroidery on the bottom cloth. The finished embroidered fabric is treated with hot water, so that the water-soluble nonwoven bottom fabric melts, leaving a 3D imitation lace hollow fabric. This kind of fabric has various patterns, exquisite and beautiful embroidery, vivid figure. It is full of artistic sense and 3D sense.


Laser Cut Imitation Lace Fabric


With the continuous improvement and update of advanced laser cutting machine, the application of laser cutting technology in the field is more and more extensive, applicable materials are also more and more. The laser cutting machine shines a laser beam on the surface of the material. The energy released by the laser makes the irradiated part of the fabric quickly melt and evaporate. With little or no deformation caused by laser cutting patterns, it can be used to make imitation lace fabrics. The use of laser cutting can be very accurate to cut the complex shape of the grey fabric, the cut fabric does not need to do further treatment. Of course, it can also carry out secondary embroidery decoration on the basis of laser cutting, forming rich layers of 3D pattern effect. Laser cutting imitation lace fabric with embroidery process, more accurately, this kind of fabric also belongs to embroidery fabric.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Lace Embroidery Fabrics


Advantages: The texture is light and transparent, giving a kind of elegant romantic artistic feeling. Widely used in a variety of women’s clothing, used in intimate clothes to highlight sweet and sexy. Elastic lace fabric has good elasticity, thick and plump, soft feel and texture. Made into fashion wear on the body,it is light and no pressure. The fabric is stable in size and comfortable to wear. It comes in a variety of colors and styles. It can give people the visual and sensory enjoyment of fashion.


Disadvantages: Because lace embroidery fabric is too thin and light, easy to damage, especially in daily life, easy to be hooked leading to holes. Lace fabric is soft and delicate, which is easy to thread. If pilling is not easy to handle, it is easy to be damaged by machine washing during cleaning. It is generally recommended to wash the lace by hand.


What Is Quality Embroidered Lace Fabric


From the appearance: high-quality lace embroidery fabric looks exquisite workmanship, clear printing, pattern should be uniform and flat. The fabric is comfortable, and the density of all the lace is consistent with the color.


From the smell: good quality lace embroidery fabric smell generally fresh and natural, no odor. If you get the fabric and smell pungent odor, such as sour smell, it is likely because the formaldehyde or pH in the fabric exceeds the standard requirements. Currently, the mandatory pH standard for textiles is generally 4.0-7.5.


From the touch: fine lace embroidery fabric, feel comfortable, delicate, compact, no rough, loose feeling. Test pure cotton products, can be drawn from a few strands ignited, burning the smell of burning paper is normal. Also available hand twist ash, no knot that is pure cotton products, such as a knot, that contains chemical fiber.


Poor quality lace embroidery fabric surface uneven, size difference is too big, color uneven and easy to deformation.