Big Spangle Hologram Long Stripe Sequin Lace Fabric for Evening Dance Party Dress NEW-J0148-2

Naying Textile is a professional wholesale supplier and exporter of 45/46″ 100% polyester big spangle hologram long stripe sequin lace fabric for evening dance party dress with poly mesh base in Keqiao Shaoxing China.


Item: NEW-J0148-2
Width: 45/46″
Weight: 510 G/M
Base Fabric: Poly Mesh
Sequin Type: 40*5mm Long Stripe Hologram Sequin
Embroidery Yarn: Polyester Yarn, Fish Yarn
Composition: 100% Polyester
Drape: Good Drape

Fabric Colors: Hologram or Customized Color
Style: Long Stripe Sequin Lace Fabric


Exquisite Sequins Embroidery or Spangle Embroidery Workmanship.


Fashion Apparel, Bridal Dress, Wedding Dress, Evening Dress, Party Dress, Mermaid Tail, Dance Wear, Home Decor and Crafts.





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This sequin lace fabric features long sword-shaped sequins, professionally designed, finely crafted, and precise stitching. The sequins are neatly arranged. Exquisite phantom sequins, full of color, firm and durable.


Sequins have always been a common way of expressing luxury and delicacy in embroidery fabrics. This year, sequins are more interesting. There are three-dimensional plant and flower decorative embroidery, tassel sequin pattern arrangement, etc. This is a newly developed long-strip sequined fabric in 2022. It adopts a dense and full-coverage process and has a rough style of ethnic grass skirts.


The color of this hologram sequin lace fabric generally presents a strong industrial feeling. The comfortable and delicate polyester mesh is matched with rough sequins to pursue a public personality. The color rhythm is relatively heavy, creating a comfortable atmosphere to stop and enjoy time.




Certification: Global Recycled Standard ( GRS, RCS )

Certification: Global Recycled Standard ( GRS, RCS )


FOB Ningbo or Shanghai Port, General Terms



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